viernes, 16 de enero de 2015

Hunting & Gathering (Cydonia)

                                                  Sunn O))): Corpus Igvitur.

Aquellas vistas era excepcionales: sol, playa, tumbonas... Perdimos la cuenta de los chapuzones que nos dimos. Al despertar, comprobamos que todo era lodo. Nuestra playa una ciénaga.

Javier Mateos

I got you in my sublimes of dreams
The origin of my kind
The answer to my questionless being
In the themes of Marduk's collapse
When the asteroids explode
Around the whole of the sun
As the clouds were lightened up
And the fire balls were roaming
And the blue turns empty dried
The cradle of the next generation
Risen from above the lands
Descending like a dreamless castle
For a new hope
Cities rising from the rocks
The earth gives its mercy
But no more gold for the traitors
Who possess the ancient ruins
By their untruth spells
They take the world and the earth breathing fire
On the endless oil seas
Never ending towers of flames
Oh Cydonia merrily a picture of dreamless
Is it cold out there in the fields of those memories?
Look at me


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