miércoles, 24 de junio de 2015

Sam Prekop: Something

Sam Prekop: inteligencia musical.

    Hay algo que me susurra tus pensamientos, nada sinceros, todo sea dicho de paso. Puedo leerte a mil metros, tú no puedes ver ni a un palmo. Somos algo diferentes, aunque hemos compartido muchos y memorables recuerdos.

Javier Mateos


Still I wonder what I've been
Understanding all the ways
That your bound to let me know

I thought I'd keep it
Close to mind
I'd rather say we're just starting
Carefully, on our way

And there's no reason
I know there's something
Cross our minds together
With standing mystery

You fell in my hands without notice
I had to try and think
Do you want?
Will you stay?

As soon as only I am able
I'm taking my time all evening, yeah
Still on, still on too
Still on too
Still on, still on too
Still on

Do you wonder?
Does it make sense?
Walls collide everyday
Up on lies, melodies
Still on my mind
I don't know just lately
You made it
But I'll wait and see

As soon as only I am able
I'm thinking that it's what I found
Someone's got to give
I won't let go, so you know


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