martes, 12 de febrero de 2013

The Moderately Talented Woman vs Middle Aged Man

                                                                              Sun Kil Moon: el sol y la luna en tu cielo.

Hay que tener talento para llegar a esa edad y no haber caído en las trampas que te ha tendido el tiempo. Vales más que un año entero pasado bajo un lago cargado de recuerdos y fuego.

Javier Mateos

Your simple song, a small creation
Always needing validation
Your party face, your great photos
Without them baby you would nodes
We met once, we were on, back stage in dallas
Coming from number 1, a good kisser
I left her for town, and I miss her

But on stage you ain’t strong
I don’t recall any songs
But when you sand you hit the notes
I give you that you didn’t chose
And you move so good, so good
Like a actress from hollywood
And your eyes they glisten
But no one listens

And one day you’ll be fallin
Trust me baby that’s 40
You’ll be please to be revealed
Cause there’s always something in
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Someone I press friend, you’ll be searching
Are there any?
Travel hard, around the globe
But does anyone know?

Moderately talented woman,
Dreams that she once had
You’re a dream, a burning star
The way you seem ...
The way your words cut through
You cast a spell on him
But your eyes are fine
And you have many scare
Lost friends, ...hidden dads, buried mothers
Like an only guardian, like a friend
Dark soldier, cause I got someone else
And you’re older, I didn’t mean to go alone
But god I love you so...that don’t read you wrong

Moderately talented young woman
Exceptionally talented old man.


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