domingo, 20 de enero de 2013


                                                                                          Malcom Middelton: luna escocesa.

Para qué quieres ir a un altar si tienes ante ti el mejor coro. Tus ojos de vidrieras me hacen pensar que hay colores que nunca tienen que cambiar.

Javier Mateos


There’s a choir behind me
Egging me on
Placing their bets and hoping I’ll do no wrong
I’ll do no wrong
There’s a guy inside me
Biding his time
Standing in line and waiting for me to fall
For me to fall
Self-preservation threatens us all
Health deterioration comes to us all
There’s a fag beside me
Waiting to be lit
Trying to trick me
And make me forget I’ve quit
I forget I’ve quit
I take a risk everyday when I get up
Do I try harder?
Or continue to fuck up
Fuck up
There's a bear in my bed
Wanting to be loved
Eyes like marbles
All he needs is a hug
My beginner’s luck is wearing thin
I’ll need to rely on skill if I'm going to win
I’m going to win.


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