martes, 4 de octubre de 2011

Harm's Swift Way

"Hace tiempo prometí no volver a reptar por el desierto de la soledad, ni volver a escalar montañas por nadie ni nada jamás. Creí encontrar en la lucha un lugar donde poder aparcar el temor a olvidar. Nunca me reconozco en la oscuridad, siempre recuerdo luz angelical. Ahora el silencio se ha vuelto a apoderar de tus labios, de tu lengua selectiva y has construido ese muro imposible que lo único que hará, es dejarte atrás. No intentes trepar cuando ni tan siquiera quieres volver a disfrutar. Abraza tu tormento sin querer amar, el miedo te lo agradecerá". J.S.

There is a home out of harms swift way*
I set myself to find
I swore to my love I would
Bring her there
Then I left my love behind
The desert was long
The mountain high
The road ran steep and winding
The promises so easily made
Unbearable, yet binding
Oh me, oh my
Who's gonna count my time

Time will go, it never stays
Memory locked in her passing
Try, oh try to cling to her
Until she becomes everlasting
The world's still blue
My word's still true
I feel I'm turning hollow
She does as she please
If ever she leaves
I'll strangle upon the sorrow
Oh me, oh my
Who's gonna mark my time

The road is past, tomorrow the sky
Between sometimes is blinding
Someday soon when I turn to cloud
I will fly on her wings somehow
Wrapped in the road and filled with above
The ground seems to fade away
Hold to the earth like a new born child
Pray she returns someday
Oh me, oh my
Who's gonna mark my time


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